Z SOLD OUT Thermaltake BigWater 760i CL-W0121 Water Cooling Kit,
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Refill Reservoir:
Transparent reservoir contains 350 c.c. of liquid capacity, easy to refill
P500 Pump:
Flow rate : 500L/hr, can easily handle extra water blocks for GPU, memory, HDD or chipsets.
Silent VR Fan:
Adjustable 120x120x25mm blue LED fan, (1600~2400RPM)

CPU Water Block:
Pure copper waterblock designed with brazing technology
Quick Disconnect Connector:
Automatic non-spill valves, robust material one hand operation

Motorsports Radiator:
Dimple Tube Technology with louvered fin radiator greatly increases the surface area for added cooling capability

Clip for LGA775

Clip for P4
Clip for AM2

Clip for K8
The exterior look of BigWater 760i installed
in a case.
The TMG VGA waterblock products are the best upgrade solution for BigWater 760i.  
For nVidia 6800 / 7800 / 7900 series For ATi X1800 / X1900 / X1950 series
nVIDIA 8800 GTX(SLI) ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT
A combined model of BigWater 760i and TMG VGA waterblock products.


To decrease manufacturing cost, traditional water blocks often are designed with simple water channel. However, water within the liquid cooling system travels at very high speed and does not have sufficient time to absorb heat from the heat source. To overcome this major downside, Thermaltake developed water block with Redundant Micro Channel Design to effectively divide water flow into micro channels thus accelerating heat transfer from heat source to liquid material. In additional, micro channel are stacked on top of each other to fully utilize the available space within the water block and further increases heat transfer.
    This new technology outperforms the traditional radiators. The advanced design utilizes dimpled tubes to create vortex and swirl of the coolant within the radiator. Combined with the high fin density of louvered fins, the Dimple Tube Technology greatly enhances the performance of the radiator.
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