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Thermaltake Jungle Series - Jungle512 CPU Cooler, Copper Core, for Intel LGA775 Prescott FMB2, P/N: CL-P0037

Thermaltake CL-P0037 is Jungle Series CPU Cooler, application for Intel LGA775 Prescott FMB2. Copper Core. 4 Pin Connector with PWM and thermal control function.

Features: Application for Intel LGA775 Prescott FMB2. Powerful 92x92x32 fan. Riveting the copper core touch the heat center directly and conduct heat quickly. 4 pin connector: PWM and thermal function. Push pin design. Requires no tool to install.

Specifications: Max Air Flow: AT30oC=54.91 CFM (AT DUTY 0-100% AIRFLOW 54.91-87.70 CFM), AT38oC= 87.70 CFM. Fan Dimension: 92x92x32 mm. Air Pressure: AT30oC=2.83mmH2O (AT DUTY 0-100% PRESSURE 2.83-7.00 mmH2O ). AT38o C=7.00mmH2O. Heatsink Dimension: 90x40 mm. Noise: AT30oC=21 dBA (AT DUTY 0-100% Db 29.5-47 dB ). AT38o C= 43 dBA. Rated Voltage: 12V. Bearing Type: 1 Ball & 1 Sleeve. Started Voltage: 7V. Life Expectation: 60,000 Hours. Rated Current: AT30oC=0.21Amp (AT DUTY 0-100% CURRENT 0.21-1.10AMP). AT38o C= 1.00Amp. Connector: 2510-4P=260 mm. Power Input: AT30oC=2.52 W (AT DUTY 0-100% POWER 2.52W-13.20 W). AT38oC= 12.00 W. Thermal Resistance: 0.285oC/W. Fan Speed: AT30oC=2300RPMĀ±10% (AT DUTY 0-100% RATED 2300-3600RPM ). AT38oC= 3600RPMĀ±10%.
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