M-Audio Session Music Creation Software w/USB Dongle MP02-00345

M-Audio Session Music Creation Software w/USB Dongle - MP02-00345

Intuitively designed to give anyone who loves music the means to create their own songs
Arrange loops, clips and even your own recordings over background grooves for professional sounding results, without professional experience
Add reverb and echo to your favorite vocals, distortion effects to guitars and put some serious thump in your drum loops with powerful equalization and compression tools
Session software comes with over (3.5GB) 1,200 professionally recorded loops that you can drag and drop to begin recording and making you own unique music
Create mash-ups, remixes and DJ mixes to burn, archive or share online and with friends
Browse certain musical styles, instruments and auditioning loops until you find the right ones for your masterpiece
Micro USB dongle allows for one audio input and one audio output, providing seamless compatibility and performance compared to most PC sound cards
Expand your system with keyboards, speakers, microphones and other specialized interfaces from M-Audio

Tech Specs
M-Audio Micro USB Dongle:
Audio input: 1/8
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